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February 5th – 6th 2019

ATX+EGY: Checkpoint is an entrepreneurship development program for creative industry startups and companies looking to expand into international markets and grow their businesses. The goals of ATX+EGY: Checkpoint are to:

Help top performing startups in Egypt that are ready for international growth break into the US market through Austin, TX.

Open economic growth opportunities for Austin companies to engage with Egyptian businesses and potential customers.

Develop the creative industry in Egypt and Austin, TX.

Create lasting, sustainable business growth that results in development for participating startups.

Checkpoint Schedule

Day 1

9:30 AM: Participants Arrive

10:00 AM: Introduction + Elevator Pitch Workshop

12:00 PM: Cofounder Dynamics

12:30 PM: Lunch

1:30 PM: Lean Startup + Lean Canvas

3:00 PM: Customer Discovery

5:00 PM: Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

6:00 PM: Finish Day 1

Day 2

9:30 AM: Participants Arrive

10:00 AM: Mentorship Fundamentals and Outreach

12:30 PM: Lunch

1:30 PM: Advanced Fundraising

3:00 PM: How to Network

3:30 PM: Elevator Pitch Refinement

4:30 PM: Final Pitch + Networking

6:00 PM: Finish Day 1

Day 3

Day 3 of Checkpoint will be dedicated to individual mentor sessions. If you have been accepted to the program, you will soon receive a link to sign up for a mentor session, lasting 25 minutes.


Structured Mentorship: Checkpoint trains founders on a repeatable process to coordinate mentorships much as they will eventually run their board of directors as future CEOs.

Cofounder Dynamics: A balanced team of cofounders is essential to launching a successful business. 3DS shares our acquired learning of what makes great cofounder teams thrive. 

Advanced Fundraising: Participants will learn how pre-revenue startups can get funded by understanding what angel investors and venture capitalists look for in a fundable startup.

Understanding and Entering the US Market: Participants will learn about the US market, as well as making valuable connections to US business leaders in Austin, TX.

Networking and Building Social Capital: No business thrives in the United States without building a robust network. 3DS Checkpoint works participants through how to network to build a strong US presence. 

Advanced Elevator Pitching: The elevator pitch is an essential tool for any founder. Checkpoint participants will build concise elevator pitches that open doors and start conversations about their startups.


Checkpoint is part 1 of the ATX+EGY: Launch engagement. Learn more about the full engagement here.



Is this program only open to tech companies? No. This program is open to high growth tech startups as well as traditional businesses.

Where will the program take place? The Checkpoint program will initially take place in Cairo, where 30 participants will be selected to participate, led by a US facilitator with experience in American business. Afterwards, 10 of the 30 participants will be flown into Austin, Texas to meet American business leaders and build their networks. 

How is Checkpoint different from the other 3 Day Startup program? The foundational 3DS program is designed for students who are new to entrepreneurship. Checkpoint tackles the major challenges that advanced entrepreneurs confront en route to launching companies. Those challenges included fundraising, mentorship, revenue, pitching, and cofounder dynamics. 

Can I participate if I have never done the foundational 3DS program? Yes. Checkpoint is ideal for founders who have done customer discovery, pitched their startup before judges, or are currently seeking mentorship.

How much will the program cost me? If you are accepted, the program is free for all participants. 

Can I make people sign NDAs before hearing my idea? No. Checkpoint is an open environment, and we believe that startup ideas alone are of little value. If you are still paranoid about someone stealing your idea, you may work on someone else’s idea and apply the Checkpoint lessons to your startup. 




For questions about theATX+EGY: Checkpoint program or sponsorship inquiries, please email our lead organizer Maia Donohue at


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